Acai Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream

Rhone Botanicals introduces Acai Eye Cream.  The only company that combines pure unrefined shea butter with the most powerful anti-oxidant ever, Acai.   Acai, the lush Amazon Rainforest fruit and the incredible healing powers of Shea  butter works wonders for dark circles, puffiness, blemishes and wrinkles around the eye area.  Apply sparingly around the eye area nightly.    Ingredients:  Shea butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Acai Oil   .25 oz  $25.00



One of The Most Powerful Antioxidants in the World!

Acai (pronounced ( ah-sigh-EE ) is a fruit that grows on the Acai Palm Trees in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The Acai berry is small in size (smaller than a grape) and is dark purple in color. Acai is mostly seed, covered in a small amount of pulp. In fact, about 90% of the Acai berry is seed - it is important to note that no one eats the Acai berry seed.

Incredible Antioxidant and Anthocyanins Levels
Acai is one of the highest antioxidant fruits in the world. Acai has 10 times the antioxidant level of grapes and twice that of blueberries. Acai has 10 to 30 times the Anthocyanins of red wine.

Healthy Fats       
The Acai berry is very rich in healthy Omega fats. Nearly 50% of the Acai berry is fat - with 74% of the fat coming from healthy unsaturated fats such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

Documented Study          
"A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered that the black-purple berries contain higher levels of antioxidants than do pomegranates and blueberries.  A University of Florida study found that an acai extract triggered a self-destruction response in 90 percent of the leukemia cells it came in contact with, which is a promising finding for scientists working to cure cancer."                                      ~ Men’s Health - June 2007

Benefits of Acai
Acai  fights cancerous cells, minimizes inflammation, improves mental clarity and focus, cleanses and detoxifies the body of infectious toxins, promotes healthier and younger-looking skin, improves digestive function, helps maintain healthy heart function, alleviates diabetes, promotes sound sleep, provides all vital vitamins, normalizes and regulates cholesterol level, contains several important minerals, is an extremely powerful free radical fighter, it has very high levels of fibers, prevents rtherosclerosis,  Also guards against wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles from around the eye area.