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Rhone Botanicals and Skincare company, headquartered on Martha's Vineyard, MA inspired by a personal passion for great wellness and skincare products. For us, that inspiration draws upon the essence of what nature intended for us to use to heal and rejuvenate our spirit.

More so, it involves helping others experience the healing properties of nature in a way that rewards their senses, while renewing body, mind, and spirit. We believe every one of our products provides you with an opportunity to do that. Put another way, if its not pure, not natural, you won't find it here.

We hold ourselves to a standard of unsurpassed quality in personal care and spa products, and we're uncompromisingly selective. We simply wouldn't offer you anything that we don't outright love and believe in (after personally testing it ourselves.) We settle for nothing less than all-natural ingredients that are exquisite, in keeping with the theme of distinction and sophistication that is uniquely Rhone.

Rhone Botanicals & Skincare is dedicated and committed to providing 100% pure skincare products which address three prominent socio and ecological issues:

Provide a pure and natural personal care product line that benefits the health and well being of our consumers and is an alternative to mass marketed chemically-altered skin care products that currently exist in the marketplace,

Provide our consumers a product line from an organization that supports a Fair Trade policy which not only benefits us but the companies and individuals we do business with, and

Provide a business model and product line that transcends the marketplace which can be used as a catalyst for assisting, educating and empowering the community.  

The result is that you will be delighted by the healthful, sensual experience that our products provide you. And, you will experience the warmth and personalized customer service of people that are passionate about what they do. With this, you have my guarantee that your experience with us and our product line meets your absolute satisfaction.

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